Society Memberships, Awards & Accomplishments of John Paul Runyon

The following are awards and accomplishments of Dr. John Paul Runyon, as well as societies and fellowships, Dr. Runyon has been inducted into:



Strathmore’s Who’s Who
Kentucky Colonel
Health Care Heroes, Innovator Award, 2005
ACS Multi-Link Coronary Stent System Preceptor


  • Co-founded national organizations and programs focused on educating practitioners on technology innovations and the most contemporary modalities available in the diagnosis, treatment and surveillance of peripheral vascular disease and peripheral artery disease.
  • Latest Endovascular Atherectomy Devices (LEAD)
    Multidisciplinary meeting for cardiology, radiology and vascular surgery fellows on the applications and techniques of use of multiple commercially available atherectomy devices. The meeting consists of didactic lectures and question and answer sessions.
  • Horizons International Peripheral Group (HIPG)
    PAD and PVD affect up to 20 million people in the U.S., with an estimated economic impact of over $200 billion. Co-founded this membership-based organization comprised of leading innovators, educators and advocates with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of PAD and PVD. HIPG is a leading provider of information about PAD and PVD to the medical community and the public.

HIPG’s mission is driving increased awareness, innovation, education and advocacy with government leaders and healthcare organizations. HIPG encourages a team approach to limb preservation, including the use of interventional and surgical technologies to prevent amputation, increase quality of life and improve patient outcomes.

  • Below the Knee (BTK) Symposia

Co-founded organization, developed and directed symposia to educate physicians in using the SilverHawk percutaneous device in performing atherectomy for treatment of PVD. Topics addressed: patient selection, technical considerations, and strategies for both above and below the knee revascularization. BTK programs included lectures, panel discussions and live case demonstrations.